Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Samantha Updates

Samantha, at the start of 2011 is in a very odd line between "baby" and big kid. She will alternate in almost a single breath between the higher toned silliness to a deep grown up observation. It's absolutely adorable and makes me realize that very soon she will be all big kid.

She's writing her name herself now and learning her letters. She loves computer games, usually dress-up or pony ones and still adores princesses. In fact they do not make those princess dresses strong enough, and I need to reinforce them. She loves playing with Dominic and I am so glad they are still best friends.

She wants everything to be girl. She likes listening to music with girls, watch shows with girls and read stories with girls. Dominic often has to reassure her that there are girls in a show so that she will watch it with him.

She is still doing Kempo and participates based on the day really. Some days are better than others. There have been classes however where "the boys" do and exercise "wrong" and Samantha can't take it! LOL! It's something she will have to get used to.

Thankfully the tantrums are becoming more and more rare and she truly is a sweet kid. :-)

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