Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sitting by herself!

On November 15th (5 months exactly) Samantha started sitting all by herself! She had been trying for a while and was pretty close where she could hold herself for a few seconds. Now she's like an old pro and can turn to look around and grab thing while she's sitting. I still put some pillows behind her if I leave the room but otherwise she's pretty independent as long as her brother doesn't get too overzealous!

Monday, November 12, 2007

1st Halloween!

For Samantha's first halloween she got to be a chili pepper and accompany her brother trick or treating. She did great even though she did have a bit of a cold.

Samantha Update

On October 30th Samantha had her 4 month check up. A little late but Dominic already had a 2 year appointment for that day so we decided one trip to the doctor was enough. She did great with her vaccines and didn't cry until the 2nd one. She smiled away at the doctor and the nurse. She measured 25.5 inches long (90th%) and 14 pound 15 ounces (75th%). The nurse asked us how we ended up with such big kids. I think it's the recessive genes!

I know haven't had much time to keep the blog current but Samantha is such a happy baby. She smiles easily and is pretty mellow still. (Although she does occasionally have the Richardson Scowl!) She loves her brother!! She is such a joy to be around.


We went to Massachusettes for Jorja's baptism and had a great weekend sharing a suite with Gee and Papa and visiting Salem. We were just hanging out back at the hotel and Samantha was so cute I had to take a picture!


Samantha hasn't shown too much interest in eating solids yet but I decided to give it a try on October 26th since she has seemed hungry in the evenings (and Dominic was chowing down on solids by now.)

Well, she wasn't real thrilled. She wanted to hold the spoon but was not a fan of the mush going into her mouth. She even spit up what little she did get in. Oh well, we'll wait a while and try again.

Hi Mom!!!


Party Girl!

All dressed up for Dominic's 2nd Birthday party!

I like that kid!

Samantha absolutely lights up when she sees Dominic!

Who's that?

Who's that pretty girl?

Sitting in the boppy

Samantha is getting much stronger and is able to be a little more independent, with some help.

Rolling over!

Samantha had been trying so hard to roll over from her back. She was so close all weekend and then she finally did it on October 3rd! (While mommy was at work!) Thankfully daddy video taped it for me. Yay Samantha!!