Sunday, November 15, 2009


Samantha had a great Halloween as a Ladybug. I think she would have stayed out all night trick-or-treating but she only wanted to trick-or-treat if Dominic was with her and Dominic had had enough.


Samantha wasn't a big fan of cleaning out the pumpkin and she was a little too young to carve it but she did do a wonderful job decorating it!

Dominic's 4th Birthday Party

Samantha is very excited for her next birthday and it has been very hard to explain that her birthday is really really far away! She had a wonderful time playing with Jorja and was so excited about Dominic's presents and cake. She did well with understanding that the presents were for Dominic but we did have to relight the candles on the cake for her to blow them out, although I think that was more out of a lack of nap.

Hanging out and playing

Just enjoying a weekend! She loves Dominic's hamster too and is very gentle with her.