Sunday, October 18, 2009


In Sorrento we had another wonderful apartment which we greatly appreciated after the God-awful train ride to Naples. The apartment was great and Sorrento was a cute little town. We took a day trip to the beach in Meta which was great and the kids loved running through the ruins of Pompeii.

Rome Continued

The one place in Rome we couldn't take enough pictures was St. Peter's Cathedral at the Vatican. Absolutely amazing! Of course I don't think the kids appreciated it as much as we did!


Rome was crazy. A huge busy city where things were overpriced but the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and other architecture was amazing. The kids loved climbing in the ruins but were ready to get ice cream after a little bit. Samantha even peed in the Colosseum. How many kids can say that about potty training?


Tuscany was beautiful! We had a great apartment and the walled cities (Lucca and Volterra) were amazing.

Italy -Venice

Samantha always chooses her own way so I was only mildly surprised when Samantha decided that waiting in the airport in Montreal to leave for Italy would be a perfect time to start potty training! The girl I could not convince to use the potty at home used it twice in the airport before we got the plane! The flight went well. She got a bit antsy and certainly had her moments but the tv on the chair was a huge help and the headphones I had bought them for the flight worked great. Finally she fell asleep for a couple of hours before we landed in Rome. From there it was a quick flight to Venice. Once we got to Venice it was a boat ride to our hotel and then a day of trying to stay awake until a reasonable bed time! Mommy didn't sleep on the plane and it was a long day! The kids however slept off and on in the stroller all day which really helped them with the time difference. Even still it took 4 or 5 days before they weren't staying up until 10-12 at night! That actually worked out well since Italy at night is definitely where it's at!

First Haircut!

The last couple of times Dominic has had his haircut Samantha has asked to have hers cut too. Finally I decided we might as well give her some bangs and trim the back so I told her when Dominic got his hair cut again she could too. She was so excited! I had Dominic go first and probably should have let her go first since by the time Dominic was done she didn't want to do it anymore. (Dominic does very well with haircuts now so it wasn't anything he did!) I figured we'd try some other time so we left to finish some errands at the mall. As soon as we left Samantha kept insisting she wanted her hair cut and that she would sit for it. She kept asking and as we were still in town I said we'd stop by and see if they had time. They did and Samantha did wonderfully!

Fair Time

I love the fair but it always signals the end of summer. The kids had a great time but we had to put a limit on the rides (they were so expensive) and Samantha was upset that she wasn't tall enough for a lot of them.

Granby Zoo

We decided to go to the Granby Zoo on a rare dry weekend and it was a great spur of the moment trip. The zoo was very nice and a good size for the day. They had a water park as well that Samantha would have enjoyed more if it hadn't been such a long day!

Tea Party!

Tea Party is one of Samantha's favorite games although sometimes it's "picnic" or just "party".

A rarity

I can only attribute the pacifier to our weaning attempts since she never liked the pacifier. She did a great job though and at this point weaning was relatively painless! We substituted a cup of water at night and she did very well as long as it was always the PURPLE CUP!