Saturday, April 4, 2009

Congratulations Daddy!

Last night at the South Burlington PD's Awards Banquet Keith was awarded the Heroism Award with Police Cross. It was the highest honor of the night and although Daddy is a bit embarrassed by the attention we are all very proud!

Samantha Update

Samantha is talking away. She'll have whole conversations now which is so cool. She knows many colors now so when she asks for the "yellow one" it usually means the yellow one. She has been counting to ten lately and trying out the alphabet. She sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Old MacDonald Had a Farm, the ABC song, Row Row Row Your Boat and the entire Mama Mia soundtrack! She is incredibly picky about her clothes and I've decided that I really need her with me when I buy her clothes. She loves accessories and likes to pick out which earrings to wear and has been wearing her bracelet for the last 5 days straight. She always helps me take off my boots when I get home and last night as I was trying to get ready to go to Keith's work banquet she tried helping pick which clothes I should wear. She talks to Dominic all the time and often tells him what we need to do and of course she copies whatever he does. She is playing pretend more and more lately and is in another "I hate baths" stage. I really wish I knew what brought those on.

She's getting to be so mature! Dominic has even been calling her a big girl lately.


It has been so wonderful with the warmer weather! Samantha absolutely loves the trampoline and Keith recently acquired a "bouncy thing" from his friend which the kids love! I'll be glad when it dries out though, trying to keep them out of the puddles is a losing battle! At least Samantha has new galoshes now!

Planting Seeds

We had a great time planting seeds and it's been very exciting watching them grow. It was a great kit and Samantha planted them all by herself. She does such a great job following directions when she wants to do something herself!

P.S. And yes, I realize she's in pj's. Samantha is VERY particular about her clothes. It was a weekend, we weren't going anywhere so when she said she wanted to wear dinosaur pjs (or "dinosum pjs" as she calls them) I didn't argue. And they did great, until we took the glitter glue out. :-)

Just chillin'

Samantha hanging out with her Scooby Popsicle (actually go-gurt).