Monday, May 26, 2008

Samantha Update

Samantha is such a joy! She smiles all the time. She loves Dominic and Bodhi (and Mama and Dada too!) She loves playing with Dominic and running. Their new game is to chase each other (ususally with dada.) I'm not sure if she thinks she's chasing or running but she squeals and smiles anyway. Another favorite game is to try to out yell each other! She is all over the place and climbs the stairs in a heartbeat if you don't watch her. This is a problem since she has decided that she can climb the stairs with her toes instead of her knees and this is not the most stable position for her!


Samantha loves hats! She always has to put them on...even when they are not actually hats. One night she walked around with a dish towel on her head. She's definitely gotten in to accessories as well. She's fascinated by sun glasses and has started bringing me her sandals to put on.

Picking flowers

I'm really loving seeing the difference between a baby boy and a baby girl. Samanatha is so into picking flowers! Dominic never cared about them but Samanatha is always out picking them and collecting them in her hands.


Samantha has long enough hair now that it is starting to get in her eyes but not long enough for a pony tail yet so we're sporting the pebbles look which I find absolutely adorable!