Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Crazy Frog

Have I ever mentioned Samantha's stubbornness and independence before? Yeah, I thought so. This has lately manifested itself in being called something other than her actual name. For several weeks now she has wanted to be called "Crazy Frog" (from Crazy Frog on you tube). Dominic has willingly obliged and calls her this when she doesn't respond to Samantha. Sometimes she gets very insistent and says "No, I'm crazy frog." We have also gone through the names "Blue Pony" and "Pink Kitty" as well as normal names like "Sophie" (I think from Mamma Mia) and "Penny" (from Bolt.)

Pizza Pizza

Cooking with Dominic and Daddy!! (When I showed her these pictures she said that she "bammed it.")

Random Pics

Here's some random cute pictures of Samantha!

Creemee stand!!

It's that time of year again! The creemee stand is open! (that's soft serve ice cream to all you out-of-staters) Considering the stand is literally right next door, the kids do really well with not expecting ice cream every day. Although it is a great indulgence!

Sugar on Snow!

Uncle Pete and Aunt Cyndi had their traditional sugar on snow party. Samantha was a bit shy put had fun throwing rocks into the pond and looking at the frogs on Gee & Papa's land.

Easter Continued


Easter morning Samantha woke up bright and early while Dominic was still sleeping. I wanted to let them both find the eggs together so we didn't point anything out. Samantha didn't miss it though and found half the eggs before Dominic even got out of bed! She loved her Easter basket and had a great time looking for eggs at Gee & Papa's house, well at least the candy filled ones! Everytime she found a real egg and Gee & Papa's she would shake it and put it right back down where she found it!

Decorating eggs

Samantha loved decorating eggs! Especially coloring with the dye filled Q-tips. I can't believe how long it kept her entertained. This was so much better then me scrambling to dye eggs the night before Easter!!!

Pink Bunnies!

Dominic had the fantastic idea of making Pink Bunny cookies for Easter. Samantha wasn't interested in making the actual cookies but when it came time to decorate, she was very excited. Daddy and I put the icing on and the kids decorated with sprinkles. While Dominic put the sprinkles on one at a time, Samantha piled them on by the handful!!