Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Samantha was so gentle with the ornaments and she did a great job decorating the tree, although I did have to follow her and hang up the ornaments that she had laid on the tree!

Here she is on Christmas eve. She had a great day but didn't take a nap so she zonked out on Papa. Good thing I got her in pjs early!
On christmas morning she was much more interested in her chocolate than she was in opening presents. Thankfully Dominic loved opening presents so much that he opened Samantha's as well. Once they were open Samantha loved them, especially her Elmo Live!

Getting the Christmas tree...

So with all good intentions we set out to the local tree farm to cut down a christmas tree. When we got there Samantha insisted on walking but kept falling in the too deep snow, the trees were all about 3 feet high and it was bitterly cold. After a few minutes I carried a screaming Samantha back to the car and we drove around until we found someone selling cut trees!

Sillyness with Dominic

It is so great to see Dominic and Samantha play together. She insists on doing everything he does and he is more than happy to egg her on!

The Polar Express

I was wondering how Samantha would do on our long weekend to the polar express and beyond a truly awful night of sleep the first night, she had a great time! She loved the Sleigh ride and seeing the deer. She was enthralled by Santa and when they finished singing a carol she would say "again!"

Cutie Pie

Just a pic of my cutie! She just gets bigger every day!