Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Samantha Updates

Samantha, at the start of 2011 is in a very odd line between "baby" and big kid. She will alternate in almost a single breath between the higher toned silliness to a deep grown up observation. It's absolutely adorable and makes me realize that very soon she will be all big kid.

She's writing her name herself now and learning her letters. She loves computer games, usually dress-up or pony ones and still adores princesses. In fact they do not make those princess dresses strong enough, and I need to reinforce them. She loves playing with Dominic and I am so glad they are still best friends.

She wants everything to be girl. She likes listening to music with girls, watch shows with girls and read stories with girls. Dominic often has to reassure her that there are girls in a show so that she will watch it with him.

She is still doing Kempo and participates based on the day really. Some days are better than others. There have been classes however where "the boys" do and exercise "wrong" and Samantha can't take it! LOL! It's something she will have to get used to.

Thankfully the tantrums are becoming more and more rare and she truly is a sweet kid. :-)

The Mother of All Tantrums

I wrote this the day it happened, but am just posting it now.
Ever see one of those enormous temper tantrums in the store where the kid is screaming and throwing themselves on the floor and everyone is looking at them? Yeah, we got to be those people today courtesy of Samantha.
Then to make it worse, I start going on the escalator assuming she will follow. She doesn't. I try to go back up it but seriously it's an escalator and Dominic starts freaking out trying to get her to come and pulls her hood off then he frantically gets on the escalator and starts crying because he thinks we're going to leave her behind.

So then we go back up the other escalator where of course a crowd has formed around Samantha who continues to throw her fit while Dominic practically begs her to stop and offers to give her his star wars toys forever is she just stops. So then I have to reassure my son that I would never leave them behind and talk to all of these people who have to comment. And seriously? They're not helping. "You're a good mommy" "She's probably hungry" "She's probably tired" "Is everything ok over here?" OMG! Do you not see me on my knees trying to reason with my possessed child? You're not helping!

I'm amazed they didn't call the cops though it probably would have been ok since we were in South Burlington and now I feel terrible, not because of her tantrum or the embarrassment but because Dominic was so sad, thinking I was going to leave her behind and watching him think he had to choose between us even for that second. :-( Today has not ended well.


YAY! Christmas. Our favorite time of year. The kids were so excited for Christmas I had to get advent calenders to mark the time. They went to see Santa at the mall and they asked for puzzles! Which is one thing they had not told mommy they wanted for Christmas... They must have been good this year though because they got them, as well as a lot of other stuff. The kids made out well between Santa, Mommy, Daddy and the rest of the family. They loved every part of it and it was so nice to be able to bake with them and watch great Christmas specials.

Polar Express

This year we went to the Polar Express in NH again and had a wonderful weekend of Santa, snow tubing and getting a quick visit to Ethan, Katrina and Aidyn. Samantha was shy on the train but I think she enjoyed everything...just very quietly. I think Samantha was coming down with a cold or just out of her element because while she did have fun she was also very quick to temper! We were so glad to go with Gee and Papa and the kids loved running between the rooms.

Christmas Pageant

The kids have been having such a great time in their classes at church. It's truly a warm place and the kids have a lot of fun while also getting some spiritual education. I was so excited when the kids decided to participate in the Christmas Pageant. Samantha was an angel, of course, which not only meant a very pretty costume which she loved, but also singing "Go tell it on the mountain." At the first practice Samantha did not utter a word and sat on my lap the entire time. I thought, Oh dear.

But she persisted and soon she was singing away with the other angels and loved to pop up when the angels popped up over the manger. She did such a great job and I was so proud to see her up there on her own like such a big kid. *sniff*

Getting the Tree

We had a great day to get our Christmas Tree. The wonderful thing about me working from home now is that we have many more opportunities to do things during the week on Daddy's days off. The tree was picked pretty quick and smaller than usual, but it was beautiful and the kids were very excited.

Weekend with Gee & Papa

For the first time this past October, Dominic and Samantha spent the weekend with Gee and Papa. I was worried about how sleep would go, but they did great. They had a wonderful weekend being spoiled rotten and LOVED the bed that Gee and Papa set up for them. They each had their own special pillow and blanket and shared the bed together which was very exciting. We are so lucky to have Gee & Papa local and so involved with the kids!

Picture by Dominic

A lovely picture of Samantha by our family photographer, Dominic.


These pictures weren't actually taken on Halloween, mommy forgot the camera then, but we took these when we went to a Halloween Party that the kids had a great time at. Halloween was especially exciting and Samantha was a little trick-or-treating machine! She outlasted Dominic and it was a long time before she agreed to go inside. Considering how bitter cold it was that was impressive!