Monday, October 1, 2007


I love fall in Vermont!


It's hard to get her not to focus on the light on the camera but I was trying to catch the adorable face she was making!


During her week with Daddy, Samantha decided that she would take a pacifier, something she has refused all along. She's still working on keeping it in her mouth though. Here she is during one of her many naps!

Note the great baby chub! :-)


Samantha is starting to try to reach her toys and hold on to them. She doesn't quite have the control yet and she's pretty vocal when she gets frustrated. Even still, Samantha is such an easy baby. She's very mellow and smiles easily. She loves watching Dominic and talking away.

Work :-(

Unfortunately we did not win the powerball so I had to go back to work. It wasn't any easier than the first time and I was very glad to get home at the end of the day. They did great with daddy though and thankfully we learned the trick to get Samantha to take a bottle. Latex nipples! Thanks to a tip from Shauna we tried it out and it worked. Phew! Mommy was getting VERY nervous when after 4 bottles and only one week left before work and Samantha was still refusing the bottle. We bought a latex nipple, put it on the bottle and braced ourselves for the inevitable crying. To our surprise (and relief) she started sucking, drank two ounces and fell asleep!


Samantha loves standing but she's still a bit short for the walker or jumper so we decided to get her an exersaucer.

The obligatory wine picture

Everyone picked on the picture of Dominic smiling with a glass of wine in the foreground so I decided Samantha needed one too!

What a pretty girl

Here we are at Aunt Lauren and Uncle Brad's annual Labor day BBQ.


Samantha is very lucky to have such a loving brother!

A glimpse into the future...

I imagine that I'll see this expression again in the teen years...