Saturday, August 16, 2008


With Samantha's new love of books seems to come a love of climbing on the book box!

Canobie Lake

Since we were heading down to NH for Cole's birthday party we decided to go down a day early and visit Canobie Lake. We had never been before so we weren't sure of what it was going to be like but it was great! They had a ton of rides for little ones, some of which Samantha went on alone with Dominic. That was nerve racking leaving them on the ride! I think I was more nervous then they were! Samantha LOVED it and she learned a new word: "Ride!"

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Reading and articulation

Samantha has discovered reading! She has looked at books before but now she realizes that there is a story in those books! She has three favorites, "Baby Faces," "Ten Little Duckings," and her all time favorite "Baby Farm Animals." She'll hand you the book and then nod vigorously. Then we read the books over and over and over again...all day long!

We have also been working on getting Samantha to articulate her needs rather than just screaming. We now have her saying "Up" when she wants to be picked up and I think we'll work on "help" next.

At the Park with Daddy

Daddy has a great schedule that lets him spend lots of time with the kids while Mama is working. Here's Samantha at the park with Daddy!