Sunday, January 27, 2008


We have teeth! On wednesday Samantha got her first tooth at just over 7 months old. On thursday her second one came through. She's doing well but has been a little cranky pants the last couple of days. We've been trying to keep up with the orajel, tylenol and teething rings.

Monday, January 21, 2008

7 month check up

Ok, yeah it was supposed to be 6 months but either way it went well. She weighed in at 16 pounds 4 ounces and 27 1/2" long. She had three vaccines and did well with them although she did stare down the nurse in mid cry. The nurse said she was memorizing her face for next time!

Samantha has zero interest in crawling although she is moving pretty freely from sitting to the crawling which point she just screams. She is trying very hard to pull up on things though and managed the other day to get her bottom off the ground by about 1/2" by pulling up on her toy box.

She is still such a happy baby and is so mellow most of the time. She has however discovered her voice and can make her displeasure known!

Playing with Dominic

I just love watching the two of them play together. I hope they are always this close.

Samantha's new trick

Here's Samantha's new trick. She didn't pull herself there but she can stand once she's there. You have to stay right near her though because she'll just let go and try to go after something.

Sleeping baby

There is nothing more beautiful than a sleeping baby.

New Toy

Samantha playing with one of her new toys.

1st Christmas

Samantha had a great first christmas. She tried to open a couple of her presents but mostly Dominic opened them for her. We had a nice morning at our house and then spent the rest of Christmas enjoying Gee & Papa's new living room.

Santa Baby

Here's Samantha in her Chrismas eve outfit. We had a great Christmas eve at our house. Daddy prepared a feast and we even managed church before decorating gingerbread.