Friday, November 19, 2010

Oh Samantha.

Me: Wow, Samantha is being really good while I clean the kitchen. I should go see what she's doing.Apparently she was trying to draw a zebra.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Samantha updates

There's very little baby left in Samantha now. She's potty trained, she's all knees and elbows and is getting so big! She has a fantastic imagination that is exercised regularly, mostly with Dominic. She is meticulous about her coloring. In fact she was the last kid still coloring on our project at the library last week. The librarian just told us to bring up the markers when she finished. Like Dominic she loves books, but unlike Dominic I think she's actually interested in learning more about letters. She also loves video games though she hasn't really gotten the hang of the wii so it's mostly the computer. She is still very much the girl and I can not get her into pants for the life of me. We'll have to invest in some leg warmers this winter I think!

Her new favorite word is "actually" which is really cute. Everything is actually this or actually that. The other day we were playing candy land together and she drew a card that would have sent her back on the board. I said "Oh no Samantha, you're way back here." She looked at the board and then said "Actually, I want to win" and she took another card. It was too funny that I let her cheat. :)

Fair Time

The Champlain Valley Fair came out of nowhere this year. It seemed the summer had just started and then it was over in a blink of an eye! Samantha really enjoyed the rides at the fair this year though we did have one melt down on the carousel. Dominic got the pony with the "long hair" and Samantha threw a fit. I finally got her to accept her own pony by telling her if she didn't stop they weren't going to let her stay on the ride. Have I mentioned how particular she is? She was tall enough to go on a lot of rides although not on the big kid rides that Dominic went on with us. I'm not really sure Samantha would have enjoyed them as much as he did anyway!

Summer Pics

Man, life has changed a lot this summer! I quit my job to start my own business and stay home with the kids which is fabulous. Samantha is loving going to preschool story time at the library and Sunday school at the First Congregational church in Burlington. She's doing fabulous at the dojo which I'm thrilled with especially since she's the only girl in a class of about 7 boys. That used to make her very nervous, but now she seems fine with it. Fall is in air now!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Picking Strawberries

Picking strawberries with daddy!

Samantha Updates

Samantha is a very independent three year old. At times this can be tough but it will serve her well. I would like her to suspend it a bit for potty training though!!!! She is stubborn and doesn't want underwear because "they let the pee out." She's missing something here.

She loves princesses and ponies although almost all ponies are called unicorns. She is very into what is for girls and what is for boys. I'm not sure where that is coming from but she is always telling me whether a show is for girls or boys and which toys are for girls and boys. I've tried telling her that they can be for both but she is adamant!

She is recognizing some letters lately and doing very well at counting. She sings all the time and there is something very cute about her little voice singing Beyonce.

Happy 3rd Birthday

Happy Birthday big girl!

I can't believe 3 years have gone by so fast. You are all things princess and unicorns and are constantly wearing tiaras or other jewelery. Even still your personality is so strong. You know what you want and aren't afraid to say it. You play so well with Dominic and it is obvious how much you love him.

I love your hugs and the way you say "my mommy" as you give me a good squeeze. I love your imagination and the way you know the words to songs after only hearing them a time or two. I love listening to you sing and hope you keep it up!

I am so proud of you little girl.

I love you so much! Happy 3rd Birthday!


Princess Birthday!!

What other theme could Samantha's third birthday have but "princess"? It was a wonderful party and Samantha had so many wonderful friends come. She had a great time playing with Jorja, Finley, Evie, Leanne, Mei Mei and even though she didn't want boys to come to her party I think she was ok with Adam and Ahmad there. And of course Gee & Papa and the Connors family was a great treat. She even spoke to Hillary, the fact that Hillary gave her a Sleeping Beauty dress probably helped.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dojo Day!!

The kids always look forward to "dojo day." I'm so glad that Samantha is participating again. For a while she had stopped going on the mat. Understandable when you compare her to the 7 four year old boys that were taking the class. Sensei's daughter has started to take class though so Samantha is thrilled to be with Evey. Even if they don't always listen so well. Samantha also got her first yellow stripe!


Samantha enjoyed "painting" the cake we made one rainy weekend.


I'm always amazed how kids can fall asleep anywhere.

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de mayo was a huge win for the party gods this year. We went from 6 inches of snow on wednesday to high 70s on Saturday! The kids had a great time running around all day.


After some beautiful weather we were all surprised by a good 6 inches of heavy wet snow! The flowers covered in snow was pretty but we lost two trees to the stuff!

Washing the car

Is it wrong to take advantage of your child's love of washing the car? ;-)


Holidays seem to come in phases for these kids. First they got their baskets from Nan & Pop. Samantha's basket was filled with princess stuff. Boy, did Nan & Pop hit the nail on the head on that one. Samantha lives, eats and breathes everything princess these days. (You'll notice she was wearing her own princess stuff while opening the princess basket!) After that the Easter bunny came to our house of course and then we went to Gee & Papa's house where the weather was so beautiful that they got to look for eggs outside. It was a wonderful Easter.