Saturday, February 21, 2009

The independent streak...

A thought occurred to me the other night. How do you teach someone something when they don't believe you? Samantha and I were sitting in the rocking chair looking at a book when she pointed to a picture of a purple balloon and said "That's green." I said "That's a purple balloon." She said "no that's green." This went back and forth until I pointed to a green balloon and said "That one is green" to which she responded "no, that's purple."

Sigh...I give up.

Valentine's Day

The kids loved their Valentine hearts and I was impressed that they didn't finish them in one sitting! We had a great long weekend while Daddy worked. We hit the pool at Mommy's gym (which Samantha was a bit unsure of), went to the mall and Barnes n Nobles and visited Gee and Papa!


This has been a rough year for playing in the snow. It seems like any time we have snow it's too cold to go out or the kids have had a cold. Daddy got them out one day though when it was nice and warm!

Jorja's Birthday Party

The kids were thrilled when we got the invite for Jorja's 2nd Birthday! With baby Washburn due shortly after big sis's birthday we weren't sure if there would be a party. Samantha was a bit shy but did play after a while.


Samantha LOVES Elmo, so when we heard that Elmo Live was coming to the Flynn we got tickets and I took the morning off from work. It was good that we chose the morning because not only was it a 2 hour show but it snowed pretty heavily! I was a little worried how she would do since our last trip to the movies was a disaster but she was completely enthralled for the whole two hours! She sang along and pointed out all the characters and asked where they went when they left the stage. It was definitely worth going to and I'm thinking maybe the key with Samantha is musicals. (since the Mamma Mia obsession is still going strong!)

Random Pics