Thursday, August 30, 2007


Samantha missed her swing while we were in Florida but she did enjoy the rocking chair which we used whenever the sun was gone.

Long lost family

Well, not really but I haven't seen Stacy in years and the kids weren't even in existence the last time we saw each other. We had a great visit while Keith, Alex and Shane went to the Space Center. Here's a rare picture of Samantha, Kaylea and Dominic looking in the same general direction.

1st Trip to Florida

We all went down for a week in Florida and Samantha had her 1st flight. She did fantastic. She didn't cry and slept off and on for most of the flight. We have such great travelers! Although while we were down there she decided that the car was no longer a nice place to be and she cried every road trip. I'm not sure what it was but hopefully it was just the rental car!

Soo Cold!!!

Ok, it is still August right?? Well, as much as I thought I would never put Samantha in these clothes, it's been so cold that we had to! Samantha has become much more aware of her surroundings lately and is starting to really be able to look at her toys. She even smiles at her playmat now.

More Smiling!

What can I say, she's adorable! And yes I know I cut off the top of her head in these pictures. Someone (*cough* *cough* Keith) changed the settings in the camera and I couldn't see what I was taking.


Happy Baby!

My endless attempt to capture those dimples on film!!! She's also found her hands and is always trying to jam them into her mouth. Now if she could just find her thumb...

2 Month Checkup

On the 16th Samantha had her 2 month check up. She measured 23" long and weighed 11pounds 11 ounces. She's in the 75th percentile for all of her measurements. She also had her first set of vaccines (from the good nurse!). Can you believe that they've added yet another vaccine to the schedule since Dominic was this age?! Although we chose to get it (it was an oral vaccine for Rotavirus) this is exactly why we are following a delayed schedule for Dominic and Samantha. She handled the shots well and we kept up the tylenol until bed time.

Hanging out with Mama

Chilling out with my girl!

Mozart Fest

While Dominic was terrorizing the snooty people at the mozart festival, Samantha was have a nice quiet time with Papa.