Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Princess Weekend

Samantha LOVES princesses. In fact our biggest problem in keeping her glasses on her is the fact that the crowns and glasses don't always fit on her head at the same time. The other weekend I spent two days reinforcing all of the seams on her princess dresses! They are not made for daily play. (although funny enough, she has no problem humming the Imperial March while playing Princesses, I think the fact that Leia is a Princess helps)

This past weekend Samantha was in her glory. Not only did we get to go to a Princess party at Jorja and Finley's house but then we went to see Disney Princesses on Ice which Samantha adored. She loved the costumes and was very excited to see all of her favorite princesses.

Too much Snow!

Poor Samantha! We got so much snow this winter I had to shovel her a path to play in. She was so frustrated in the deep snow, only able to play in the driveway, that she didn't even want to stay outside. Who could blame her? Every time she walked she sunk in to her waist!