Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Mother of All Tantrums

I wrote this the day it happened, but am just posting it now.
Ever see one of those enormous temper tantrums in the store where the kid is screaming and throwing themselves on the floor and everyone is looking at them? Yeah, we got to be those people today courtesy of Samantha.
Then to make it worse, I start going on the escalator assuming she will follow. She doesn't. I try to go back up it but seriously it's an escalator and Dominic starts freaking out trying to get her to come and pulls her hood off then he frantically gets on the escalator and starts crying because he thinks we're going to leave her behind.

So then we go back up the other escalator where of course a crowd has formed around Samantha who continues to throw her fit while Dominic practically begs her to stop and offers to give her his star wars toys forever is she just stops. So then I have to reassure my son that I would never leave them behind and talk to all of these people who have to comment. And seriously? They're not helping. "You're a good mommy" "She's probably hungry" "She's probably tired" "Is everything ok over here?" OMG! Do you not see me on my knees trying to reason with my possessed child? You're not helping!

I'm amazed they didn't call the cops though it probably would have been ok since we were in South Burlington and now I feel terrible, not because of her tantrum or the embarrassment but because Dominic was so sad, thinking I was going to leave her behind and watching him think he had to choose between us even for that second. :-( Today has not ended well.

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Amanda said...

Oh no! So sorry you had one of those moments, and poor Dominic! Olivia has freak outs, but thankfully it has never been to that extreme... yet. I'm sure it's coming and I will be sure to blog about it when it does!